About Us

ECCO offers customized market design services, market analysis and short and long-term market forecasting services to clients who wish to stay ahead of the fast evolving energy marketplace.

Bridging Energy -- Engineering -- Market Design

ECCO International, Inc. (ECCO) is a global energy consulting company and leading authority that provides management consulting services along with deep engineering expertise in market design and economics. ECCO specializes in electric generation, transmission and distribution, price forecasting, energy trading, market design, renewable energy markets and training.

In 1998, ECCO was founded with the belief that deep engineering expertise coupled with an exceptional understanding of relevant market economics provided energy market participants with great value and competitive advantage. ECCO’s emphasis on interdisciplinary expertise, highly innovative and collaborative practices has enabled it to deliver exceptional service to our clients. These core strengths have enabled ECCO to establish a strong track record as a leading authority in energy markets.

ECCO’s excellent track record and reputation stems from its outstanding team of expert engineers with deep experience and knowledge in energy generation and transmission systems in a rapidly changing energy environment.

Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, Ph.D. is president and founder of ECCO International and has extensive global and regional industry experience and IEEE recognized engineering excellence.

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