ECCO offers customized market design services, market analysis and short and long-term market forecasting services to clients who wish to stay ahead of the fast evolving energy marketplace.

High quality people who strive to exceed our customers expectations…

We are looking for individuals who are intelligent and self-motivated with exceptional interpersonal skills. ECCO’s culture is entrepreneurial, fast-paced and value-driven.

Potential candidates need to be comfortable working in a lean structure that is highly customer-focused and that closely observes strict ethical standards. Potential candidates must possess a Bachelors degree in Engineering, Science or Business with experience working with or for the electric power industry.

Joining the ECCO team will provide you with:

  • An opportunity to be part of a dynamic young company that has already become a leader in the power industry
  • An opportunity to shape the organization, values and methodologies of an exciting company in a rapid expansion phase
  • Opportunities to be involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from RTO/ITP implementation to energy trading.
  • Opportunities to gain global experience through international assignments.
  • Our CORE VALUES are clear and uncompromising:


ECCO is committed to integrity in all of its business activities. Nothing will be allowed to undermine or weaken our standards for integrity in dealing with sub-contractors, employees or customers. Integrity epitomizes the character of ECCO.


ECCO is a winning team of talented people, managed through deliberate consensus, deriving expertise from all levels of the company. Our people are motivated - and rewarded - as they contribute to this team and toward the objectives of increasing long-term value for ECCO.


ECCO actively nurtures a culture in which our associate entrepreneurs can thrive personally and professionally, enhancing creativity in every discipline of the company. We encourage our people to utilize their intelligence, intuition, and knowledge base to promote innovation, thus creating value for our customers.