Associates Bios

ECCO offers customized market design services, market analysis and short and long-term market forecasting services to clients who wish to stay ahead of the fast evolving energy marketplace.

Mr. Rod Frowd

Mr. Frowd has over 29 years experience in advanced power system analysis development for power system operation, control and planning, with particular specialization in developing and testing complex generation scheduling applications. He has been active in many modeling and analysis projects for the deregulated industry, including ancillary services dispatch, bid price modeling, and most recently a Must Offer Unit Commitment application using Mixed Integer Processing. click here for full bio »

Dr. Chuck Hansen, Ph.D.

Dr. Hansen offers a diverse knowledge base due to his active involvement in multiple facets of the electric power industry. Energy markets, Energy Control Centers and real-time operations, training, and management are his most recent endeavors.  Chuck’s experience makes him an ideal candidate to be involved in a dynamic workplace that encourages and rewards teamwork and creative thinking.  Specifically, he has extensive experience in energy market development, real-time operational tools and systems, software tool development, team management, and training development and delivery. 
Dr. Hansen is a strong technical leader, an effective communicator at all levels, with strong writing, speaking and presentation skills.  Dr. Hansen has consistently demonstrated that he can work well independently or as a member of a team. click here for full bio »