Market Design

We work with many of the world’s leading energy companies and deliver exceptional interdisciplinary expertise spanning energy, engineering and market economics. Our clients get highly innovative solutions, quality insights and advice grounded in proven methodologies and toolsets.

ECCO Market Design

ECCO International and its assembled team of professionals is one of the most experienced teams in all aspects of energy market reform in the industry worldwide. Our team expertise covers all facets of market reform, especially transitioning markets to nodal, LMP-based markets, design, market development, utility regulation, ISOs/RTOs/TSOs, system operations, power systems, and innovative software solutions to support competitive markets.  As a group, ECCO has led major energy market design efforts worldwide.  We bring this unique experience in energy market reform, design and power systems to our clients in helping them embrace emerging energy markets with superior consulting and software services.

Market design is complex and contains many interacting components.  For example, the basic elements of many operating and proposed markets have the following common elements, a) the Day-Ahead Market (DAM), b) the Hour Ahead market (HAM), c) The Real-Time Market, d) the Congestion Revenue Rights Market (CRR), e) Inter-Tie or Cross-Border Trading and f) the Capacity market.  Also an integral part of these markets is a Full Network Model that is used to represent the transmission grid.  ECCO’s team of principals and associates bring extensive expertise in all of these critical areas, and more.

The ECCO International team offers the following capabilities:

  • Unique and highly qualified staff comprised of very experienced personnel that offer practical and hands – on experience.
  • Global experience and expertise,
  • Intimate knowledge of emerging competitive energy markets world-wide.
  • Substantial experience in working with stakeholders with diverse interests.

ECCO brings exceptional skills and capabilities to work for you whether it involves a completely new market design or an enhancement.  Our firm has the depth of knowledge and experience to help your organization navigate through these intricate, inter-dependent market implementation projects.